Bafun Narabi Uni (250g) 🎣 Pre-order

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Treat your taste buds to an irresistible, velvety smooth ride as you indulge in the divine buttery goodness of our fresh uni. Each bite will make you moan in ecstasy, sending shivers down your spine like a torrid love affair. You'll be left craving more, as if you've just had your first steamy encounter with a forbidden lover.

Product Type: Fresh

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Here's how you can enjoy a night out with our naughty Uni:

  1. Straight up, raw and wild: Just like you, our Uni loves a no-strings-attached approach. Savor it solo, with a splash of soy sauce or a squeeze of lemon.
  2. Sexy sushi: Wrap it up in a sultry, seaweed embrace and let it dance seductively on a bed of seasoned rice.
  3. Risqué risotto: Cook up a storm with our Uni and let it mingle with creamy, rich risotto for a tantalizing, unforgettable night in.

Storage Instructions:

  1. Consume within 2 days upon receipt
  2. Store in your fridge ideally between 2-4°C
  3. Please do not freeze them even though you can as we strongly recommend enjoying them fresh

Preorder Instructions:

  1. We only deliver preorder items on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Orders for these items must be placed AT LEAST one week in advance. 
  2. For example, if you want your preorder item on a Wednesday you would have to place your order the Wednesday one week before.