Barramundi (Sea Bass)

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Meet barramundi, the sultry sea siren that'll tantalize your taste buds on this steamy date. With her velvety, buttery flesh, she'll tease you into submission, while her mild, sweet flavor whispers naughty nothings in your ear. Get ready to be seduced by barramundi's divine dance of flakiness and moisture, as she leaves you weak in the knees, begging for another bite. So, buckle up, babe; a night with barramundi will leave your heart—and your appetite—aching for more.

Product Type: Fresh

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Storage Instructions:

  1. Consume within 2 days upon receipt
  2. Keep them in the fridge between 2-4°C

Product updated 11/3/2024

Size: Fillet (Approx. 180g)