Half Shell Scallops

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Our scallops on the half shell with roe are the perfect way to impress your date with your exquisite taste. These beauties are succulent and sweet, with a delicate briny flavor that will leave you craving more. The roe adds a pop of salty goodness that will leave your toes curling.

Product Type: Frozen

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Here's how you can enjoy a night out with these scallops:

  1. Grill scallops on the half shell with a drizzle of lemon and herb-infused oil for a light and fresh main course.
  2. Add scallops with roe to a creamy pasta dish for a decadent and luxurious twist on an Italian classic.
  3. Broil scallops on the half shell with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese and breadcrumbs for a mouth-watering appetizer with a crispy topping.

Storage Instructions:

  1. Keep in the freezer between -12 to -18°C
  2. Once thawed please do not refreeze
Size: 1kg (20+ pcs)