Snow Crab Legs (Cooked)

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Unleash your inner crustacean cravings with our scrumptious snow crab legs! Delight in the naughty, ocean-kissed flavor that'll have you crawling back for more. Each succulent bite of crab is a cheeky dance between sweet and briny bliss, and your taste buds will be doing the crab scuttle all night long. So, put on that bib and get crackin' because, darling, it's crab o'clock and these leggy temptations are waiting to seduce your palate!

Product Type: Frozen

**pictures for illustration purposes only**

Storage Instructions:

  1. Keep in the freezer between -12 to -18°C
  2. Once thawed please do not refreeze
Size: 1kg (4/6pcs)