Steamy Boat Bundle

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Embrace the spirit of Chinese New Year with our indulgent hotpot bundle, a playful ensemble of ocean treasures! This cheeky gathering of your favourite seafood greats is more than a meal; it's a love story of flavors, weaving together tales of prosperity and joy. Each bite is a promise of good fortune, a naughty wink from the sea, inviting you to a year filled with delicious abundance.

Product Type; Frozen

Steamy Boat Bundle Contains:
500g Hokkaido Scallops (13/15pcs)
1kg Whole Tiger Prawns (16/20pcs)
300g Asian Cod Slices (12/15pcs)
1kg White Clams
16pcs Fish Dumplings
1 Packet NZ Green Mussels

Premium Add Ons:
2x South Pacific Lobsters @ $59
1kg Abalone (Shell On) @ $61

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