Unagi Kabayaki

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You've been seduced by this sly sea serpent, and who can blame you? Succulent and tender, this eel tantalizes your taste buds, slithering in a pool of sweet, sticky glaze. Don't be coy, let unagi charm you with its smoky, umami-rich flavors that'll leave you craving more. Surrender to unagi's wickedly delectable delights, and let it take you on a wild underwater adventure. Trust us, you'll be screaming yamate all night long.

Product Type: Frozen/Ready to Eat

**pictures for illustration purposes only**

Storage Instructions:

  1. Keep in the freezer between -12 to -18°C
  2. Once thawed please do not refreeze

Product Instructions:

  1. Thaw in the fridge overnight
  2. Microwave for 2-3mins and it's ready to be eaten
Size: 200g